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High Quality fully automatic packaging line
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High Quality fully automatic packaging line
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  3CM-PS 3CM-5U 3CM-5FG 7CM-TS
Filling method 1bag per time 1bag per time 1bag per time 1bag per time
Material granules granules fine powder granules
Bag materials Paper bag
woven bag (with liner)
plastic bag
(thickness 0.2mm)
Paper bag
plastic bag
Paper bag
plastic bag
PE film
Max capacity 1200 bags/hr 600 bags/hr 130 bags/hr 1600 bags/hr
weighing range 20-50kg/bag 10-20kg/bag 10-20kg/bag 25kg/bag
Length(mm) Paper bag 750-950
woven bag 550-1050
plastic bag 550-750
Paper bag 580-640 Paper bag 700-900 Paper bag780-950
Width(mm) 400-50 300-420 450-495 380-460
Bottom Width(mm) Paper bag 75 Paper bag 75 / /
Bag closing way Paper bag:sewing/glue/crepe tapes
woven bag:edge folding/seing
plastic bag:heat sealing
Paper bag:sewing/glue/crepe tapes
plastic bag:heat sealing
pulse sealing plastic bag:heat sealing
max air consumption
1300Nl/min 750Nl/min 2330Nl/min 1270Nl/min
Powder 12kw 3kw about 10kw 24kw
Machine N.W. about 4000kg about 1300kg about 4000kg /



Remarks:please tell the following specifications when inquiry.

1.bag patrtern,materials and size

2.about the raw material(please send us 1kg sample)

a.name b.density c.size d.moisture e.flow ability f.others

3.target packaging weight


5.target capacity

6.three phase voltage and frequency 

7.site floor space


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