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Movable Container Packing machine LCS-BYJ
Movable Container Packing machine LCS-BYJ-1
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Movable Container Packing machine LCS-BYJ

This type of packing machine  is widely used for bulk packaging in the ports,docks, grain depots, mines. 
With container structure, all devices are integrated in two containers
Intelligent meter control guarantees convenient operation, use and maintenance as well as low failure rate.
Closed operation of devices can greatly reduce injury and pollution from material dusts to human beings and the environment
Packaging materials : various fertilizers, aluminum oxide, sulphur, feedstuff , sugar, food ( such as tapioca ships ,soybean, wheat ) and etc.
It is containerized bagging machine ,   containerized bagging system , containerised packing machine, Mobile Containerised Bagging System, containerised equipment ,  Containerized Mobile Weighing and Bagging Machine ,  mobile bagging machines are flexible and can be utilized either ship side, to bag directly from the vessel, or in warehouses and are used for bagging grain, rice, sugar, pulses and beans or various fertilizers .  specially manufactured for quantitative packaging of many kinds of  materials. Automatic weighing filling bagging .  containerised bagging machine, with CE, ISO9001
Main Structure:
1. Automatic filling bagging system            2.Automatic weighing balance
3. Automatic belt conveyor                     4.Automatic sewing / sealing machine   
5. Electric control cabinet 
Flowing Process:
Manual Bag placing →Automatic filling →Automatic weighing →Automatic bag conveyer →Automatic bag sewing / sealing
Technical Parameter:
Weighing Range: 1-5, 5~10, 10~25, 25~50, etc. (KG)
Precision: ±0.2%FS
Electrical Power: 380/220,50/60(V/Hz)
Power: 0.37 (KW)
Air Power: 0.4~0.6(Mpa)



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